What’s a good cup of Gabbiano coffee without a Ruscotti? Our famous biscuits combine the Italian biscotti with the traditional South African Rusk. Never have two ingredients come together so deliciously! Lesley Cohen is the creator of these delicious nibbles and ensures that all ingredients are natural, high quality and free of preservatives. With flavours such as orange and Saffron, original and double chocolate. A Ruscotti biscuit is the perfect accompaniment to a smooth, creamy cappuccino.


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Cappuccino, espresso, americano and latte coffee



Mastrantonio has knowledge in coffee sourcing, roasting and blending. This lead to the development of Gabbiano Gold Coffee, our in-house signature coffee blend. Gabbiano Gold uses the finest Central and South American Arabica coffee beans, blended with African Arabica and Robusta varieties to create a unique taste profile with intense flavour, delicate aroma, light body and fragrance. This coffee blend also has a pleasant acidity, full rounded and creamy body with a pleasant aftertaste.



Mastro Classic Foods

Mastro Classic Foods allows individuals to enjoy good hearty healthy meals in the comfort of their own homes. Our delicious minestrone soup wont disappoint and for those who enjoy pasta, try our pasta fagioli, a classic pasta and bean soup.




Homemade Autumn Butternut Squash Soup



Ravioli mit Tomatensauce


Mastro Classic Foods

Pasta dishes are a classic Italian favourite. Mastro Classic Foods provides the all time favourite, Lasagne as a pre-prepared meal that can be reheated at home. For those who want to finish sauces off at home try the butter-sage sauce, it is absolutely delicious.



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