The art of good living

Delivering passion for authenticity, seasonality, wholesome quality and good value

Who is Mastrantonio?

It means Master Anthony. The character of the Mastrantonio Group is best represented by the personality traits of the persons it was named after. Gianni  and Paolo the founders of the brand named the venture after Gianni’s grandfather Antonio and father Paolantonio. If one were to blend these two Antonios one would get the essence of Mastrantonio (Master Antonio as a sign of reverence).

Tradition . Culture . Innovation

(How we see ourselves)

Tradition which stems from the will to do things a certain way as a form of identity, remembrance or nostalgia. This breeds culture, which is self-generating and grows in a conducive environment. Innovation is the continuous monitoring of culture within the environment so that its perpetuity (sustainability) is more likely to be secured.


Credibility . Authenticity . Value

(How we expect to be seen by others)

At Mastrantonio we have created an image that tells the people who are exposed to it that we are doing things the way they are meant to be done, the way they would expect them to be done – only better. To “buy” into this philosophy, people need to believe in the company and what it purports to represent. They must feel that there is value in it for them. This is the classic “buy-in” that marketers talk about. It applies to all the people who may be exposed to the company in any way e.g. bank managers, investors, landlords, suppliers, and of course customers. Furthermore the company employees must feel a total part of this process.


Our Values