Mastrantonio at the Joburg Art Fair 2015

Mastrantonio at the Joburg Art Fair 2015

In September 2015 Mastrantonio celebrated The Art of Good Living with its participation in the Joburg Art Fair by showcasing its culinary art.

The menu had a delicious selection of salads, soups and specials and then off-course the very popular sandwiches on pizza-bianca bread.


Rocket salad with fennel, Parmesan shavings, avocado and Rosa tomatoes

Sicilian Tuna with potatoes, seasonal greens and lemon vinaigrette


Lentil soup 

Sandwiches – Made on pizza bianca bread

Prosciutto and pecorino

Mozzarella with roasted red peppers, grilled aubergine and baby marrow 


Meatballs with pinenuts and raisins, in a Napoletana sauce

Pappardelle with mixed wild mushrooms


Pear and Almond tart


Ascolana-Salad Meatballs-with-pinenuts-and-raisins Mozzarella-and-Vegetable-Sandwich Pappardelle-with-wild-mushroom Prosciutto-Sandwich Sicilian-Seared-Tuna-Salad-